Thesis: Conceptual Ideas – Stage 1

Video Referencing: Education & Entertainment

Using a an app that would use similar technology as SoundHound, Shizam, Word Lens and LeafSnap, a user could record or upload a short portion, 5-10 seconds, of video footage to a database, that would render search results, entertaining useful or education information. In addition to recording pre-existing footage the main idea is to be able to have referencing that can deduce certain elements of a scene such a building, artwork, or the like using not just a still which seems limiting in results, but a video with up to 10 seconds of data recored and to analyze. Using the LeafSnap app, the user takes a photo of a plant on white, it then references a wide variety of leaves from a database and then uses posterization techniques to find similar patterns. It’s my impression that there are databases that contain this information, blueprints, artworks, language, street signs, maybe using GPS technology the database would be more efficiently referenced.

– useful to scan a power plant or factory to analyze and assure basic assurances and functioning of machinery, more of a tool for technicians than a full monitoring solution being most factories have something in place, whether it’s effect enough is to be researched

– easily be used to render books quickly and precisely

– inventory analysis and data log recording

Evolving Away from Media Clutter

In an attempt to move society away from the massive amount of media clutter found everywhere we go, a campaign fueled on not trying to reach the masses, but education and to eventually develop a community of creatives and youth that are interested in or everyday implementors of simplistic living, clutter free design and the modernistic approach to live and consumption, a designers tool, a creatives tool to keep in touch and inspired, to collaborate. Using the undeniable importance of sustainability and the evidence of sociology and psychology, education and clean design can focus on the importance of voiding our society of media clutter, not on a global scale which is obviously next to impossible, but in a online based community focused on the individual. A community created solely around the inspiration of others and the concept of simplicity and how design inlays with much of our daily lives. Question the common approach to design and how it can be improved for the betterment of the planet and society as a whole.

Design Based Around Bio-tecture

Looking at a city like Detroit, an exploration of how design might play a pivotal role in the rejuvenation of degraded communities, how design and Bio-Tecture together can be melded to make use of a once thriving community/city. A place like Detroit is a perfect location to focus on. A very similar yet design and education based program aimed to give the community the tools they need to thrive. Much of the campaign will be focused on donations and volunteers.

– using the practice of permaculture as a basis for the development of the concept

Interaction & Audio Waves

A online network based application that allows the users to manipulate wave forms, create music, and visualizations using multi-touch gestures to achieved the desired results and then share, share in unique and collaborative ways, a exquisite corpse feature would allow users to share tracks and meld those tracks with friends.

– based around Alexander Rodchenko’s theory; the idea of different perspectives being unique to the individual and how each can be catered to be a unique yet cohesive experiance

360 Classroom

Using the 360 Cities methodology, incorporate interactivity into a 360 image of a plane, car, job process, etc. anything that could benefit from a seemingly life like experience. An educational resource for training that could act as a text book, including videos, articles, links, and social networking features.,0.70,70.0

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